Kernel development

Kernel development

  • Real time linux and uCLinux (MMU-less)
  • Kernel development and drivers
  • Driver development for non supported hardware
  • Kernel architecture modifications
Systems development

Systems development

  • GNU toolchains and cross compilation
  • Embedded Linux distributions, both commercial and custom
  • Package customizations
  • Web interfaces for embedded devices
  • Embedded graphical environments
Telecommunications and Media delivery
Telecommunications and Media delivery
  • Internet telephony protocols and stacks ( SIP, H.323)
  • Network protocols and stacks (ethernet , IP, SNMP, IGMP etc)
  • Voice and video over IP

Application development

  • Multi core
  • Multi-threaded
  • Distributed systems
  • Real time applications
  • C / C++ / Python / Assembler
  • Porting of legacy real time applications to Linux

Board support packages

A Board Support Package or BSP is a hardware abstraction layer which hides details about the board and the processor. Typically, porting Linux to a new hardware involves the development of a BSP layer.

We have experience on BSPs for PPC, ARM, MIPS, i386 and AMD64, as well as porting Linux to custom hardware architectures.



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In Brief

At Lindus we are embedded designers passionate about open technologies and its embedded potential.

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